Facoltà di Economia - Università degli studi di Roma "Tor Vergata"

Dottorato di Ricerca in
Economia delle Istituzioni e dei mercati monetari e finanziari
(Doctorate in Money and Finance)



The Programme offers:

A challenging schedule: 2 semesters of classes and seminars, plus 4 semesters to complete the Ph. D. thesis.

A prestigious Faculty: Courses are taught by renowned Italian and foreign professors of proven teaching and research experience.

Worldwide connections: The programme allows deserving students to spend periods of research in some of the most prestigious Faculties of Economics and Finance in the world including Boston College, Brunel University, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute of Troy (NY), University of Reading, University of Warwick, Mannheim University, Vanderbilt University and the Wharton School - University of Pennsylvania - among others.

An international and stimulating environment: The programme enrols highly qualified students from all over the world through a competitive selection process based on CVs, reference letters and an interview. The programme is entirely in English.

The Programme brings together the theoretical research and empirical analysis with a strong quantitative focus,  in the field of Asset pricing, Risk management, Corporate finance and governance, Banking, and Monetary policy. Students are encouraged to apply after having completed a qualified Master Programme in Economics or Finance with a good mathematical and statistical background.
Ph. D. candidates are granted the doctoral degree after having successfully completed all their coursework and defended their thesis.


First year: The first year is entirely devoted to coursework. Courses include: quantitative methods, financial micro and macroeconomics, finance, econometrics and regulation.
Some courses are taken from the ones offered by EIEF (www.eief.it/graduate-program)
An ongoing student evaluation system provides critical information to improve the content and the structure of courses.

Second year: Second-year students start their research either with a period abroad or attending the EIEF - (Einaudi Institute for Economics and Finance ) seminars and the CEIS (Centre for International Studies on Economic Growth ) seminars organized at Rome University Tor Vergata.

Third year: Students are expected to complete their thesis by the end of the third year. Motivated one year extensions may be granted upon careful evaluation by the Scientific Board.

Up to 15 students are enrolled each year. Tuition fees are 7.500 Euros for each year. Scholarships are offered by the University of Rome “Tor ”Vergata” on the basis of merit to the most qualified and motivated students both Italian and International.

Students are required to submit their thesis project at the end of the third semester, give an individual seminar at the end of the fourth semester.
The thesis usually consists of three papers. The papers are sent to an anonymous outside referee to confirm that certain minimum standards are met before the defence process.

Ph. D. graduates typically choose between two career paths: the academic/research career to be pursued in universities and independent private and public research institutions and the managerial/consultancy career, in Italy and abroad.