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Ravello, Italy, June 17-20, 2009

Thursday, 18 June 2009

The Emerging Bioeconomy: ICABR 2009
Carl E. Pray

How to Understand High Food Prices
Cristopher L. Gilbert

Biofuels in Energy Transition Scenarios: Can Current Incentives Schemes Trigger Industrial Success?
Elien Vulsteke

Gasoline Prices, OPEC and Biofuel
David Zilberman

Opportunities From and Threats to Innovation
Pasquale L. Scandizzo, Marco Ventura

The Adoption of GM Crops in USA: a Theoretical and Empirical Analysis
Pasquale L. Scandizzo, Sara Savastano

On the Effects of Technological Innovation as a Response to Cotton Policy Change: the Case of BT Cotton in Spain
Michele Ceddia, E. Rodriguez-Cerezo, M. Gòmez-Barbero.

Profitability and Risk Assessment of Energy Neutral Dairy Chain in the Netherlands
Solomie A. Gebrezghaber

Future Shocks: The Economics of Ethanol and the Future of Next Generations Biofuels
Holly Crawford

Biorefineries and Biobased Products from the Consumers' Point of View
Stefan Kurka

Risk Attitudes, Endogeneity and the Labelling of GM Content in Food Products
Sara Scatasta

Sustainable Agriculture and Agricultural Biotechnology. Different Stakeholder Attitudes in New Zealand and Switzerland
Philipp Aerni

ENEA and the Emerging Bioeconomy
Luigi Paganetto

Global Governance Quandaries Regarding Transformative Technologies
Peter Phillips

Policies to Support Biofuels: A Re-Appraisal of the European Experience
Augusto Ninni

A Review of the World's Commercial Pipeline of GM Crops and Implications for Asynchronous Approval and Trade
Alexander J. Stein

Taking Stock of the Word Markets in Transgenic Seeds
Sylvie Bonny

Constraints and Incentives for Agricultural Biotechnology in Brazil
Andrea Leda

Communication About Agricultural Technology: Effective, But Only When the Ends Can Justify the Means
Joachim Sholderer

Friday, 19 June 2009

GMO-Projects for Public Goods are Faced with Prohibitive Conditions
Ingo Potrykus

Biological Containment Strategies for Transgenic Plants-Introduction of the Transcontainer Projects
Ruud De Maagd

EFSA's Role in Risk Assessment of Genetically Modified Organism
Elisabeth Waigmann

Potential Economic Benefits of Biological Containment: Tomato, Eggplant, Grass
Rolf Groeneveld

Small Resource Poor Countries Taking Advantage of the New Bio-Economy and Biotech Innovations: The Case of Insect Resistant/Herbicide Tolerant (Bt/RR) Maize in Honduras
Jose Falck-Zepeda

The Effective use of Molecular Markers in Client-Oriented Rice Breeding in Asia
Katherine Steele

Bioenergy Production in Namibia: Opportunities and Threats for Food
MIchael Bruntrup

Stakeholders' Views on Biological Containment. Observation Through a Lens
Barend Hazeleger

Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Algae Energy Production in the EU
Vujadin Kovacevic

Economics of Microalgae Oil
James Richardson

Potential Damage Costs of Diabrotica Virgifera Virgifera Infestation in Europe-The "No Control" Scenario
Justus Wesseler

Socio-Economic Assessment of the Invasive Species Diabrotica Virgifera in Hungary
Koen Dillen

Identifying and Resolving FTO Issues for Bio-Oil Program
Stuart Smyth

An Analysis of Bundle Pricing: The Case of the Corn Seed Market
Guanming Shi

The Impact of the Plant Breeders' Right Act on Productivity: Evidence from Canada for Wheat and Potato
Anwar Naseem

On Butterflies and Frankenstein: A Dynamic Theory of Biotechnology Regulation

Jo Swinnen

Transgenic Crop Policy in Ireland: The Bio-Economy Meets the Reality of Biopolitics
Shane Morris

EU Policy on GMOs and Feed. A Quick Scan of the Economic Consequences

Derek Eaton

A Framework for Agricultural IP Issues
Richard Gray

IPRs, Innovation & Competition
Derek Eaton

Public Private Partnership as Response to IPR Challenges in Global Agri-Food System: The Case of Pulse Research
Peter Phillips

Saturday, 20 June 2009

Uganda Cotton Industry: Can GM Seed Improve Farmers' Welfare?
Jose Falck-Zepeda

Biosafety Capacity Building: Lessons Learned from USAID's Global Partnership
Saharah Moon Chapotin

Consumer's Acceptance of Agricultural Biotechnology in United Arab Emirates
Safdar Muhammad

Flash (Co-)Pyrolysis as a Sustainable Technique for Bio-Oil Production
Tom Kuppens

Biofuels Public Incentives: Are They Neutral for Technological Paths and Export Performances in the Energy Sector?
Valeria Costantini, Francesco Crespi

Is There Always Room for More? Knowledge Use in Understanding the Role of Multiple Players in the Biotechnology Policy Arena in the Context of Africa
Ann Kingiri

A Latent Class Approach to Investigating Developing Country Consumers' Demand for Genetically Modified Staple Food Crops: The Case of GM Bananas in Uganda
Enoch Kikulve

Scenarios for the Uptake of Genetically Engineered Drought Tolerant Maize in Africa
Robert Paarlberg

An Economic Analysis of the Impact of Cloning on Dairy Herd Composition
Leslie J. Butler

A Distance Function Analysis of University. Agricultural Biotechnology Programs
Yin Xia

GM Soybeans in Bolivia
Jose Falck Zepeda

Quantifying Type I and Type II Errors in Decision Making Under Uncertainty: The Case of GM Crops
Justus Wesseler

Economic Impacts of Climate Change and Crop Improvements on Cash Crop Farms in Two Regions of Quebec
Paul Thomassin

The Benefits of Herbicide Tolerant Canola: An Economic, Environmental and Chemical Toxicity Assesment
Stuart Smyth

Governing Bio-Fuel Plantations on Wastelands: Implications for Sustainability in India
Raghu Chaliganti