Call for papers

Possible topics: We are requesting papers in four general areas which will contribute to assessing the future of biotechnology. We have included some suggested topics but other topics which contribute to our understanding will also be considered:
  1. Who benefited from biotechnology? Reassessing past impacts of biotechnology:
    1. Measuring the impacts on farmers in developed countries.
    2. Have past studies exaggerated the economic impacts in LDCs?
    3. Who gained and lost from trade in biotech products?
    4. What are the rates of return to government or private investments in biotech research?
    5. Assessing the environmental, health and ethical impacts of biotech.
  2. Future demand for agricultural products produced by biotechnology:
    1. Biofuels.
    2. Grain.
    3. Consumer attitudes.
    4. Demand for food quality and safety, labeling, environmental quality.
    5. Ethics, income distribution.
  3. Farmers’ demand for biotechnology:
    1. Global climate change – the need for technologically sustainable crop systems - new and growing demand for biotech due to drought and flooding, pests and diseases and a generalized increase in environmental uncertainty.
    2. $100/barrel for oil and increasingly expensive modern inputs.
    3. Increasing needs for capability building to adapt to climate change on the part of farmers and rural communities, also through expansion and improvement of local agricultural research.
  4. Impact of government investments, policies and regulations on future demand for technology:
    1. Government investments in research
      1. Public investments,
      2. Promotion of research and innovation clusters,
      3. Public private partnerships,
      4. Technology transfer from research.
    2. Food- and Biosafety Regulations
      1. Risk assessment and risk management,
      2. Bioterrorism,
      3. Coexistence.
    3. Intellectual Property Rights.
    4. The political economy of biotechnology
    5. Industrial policies – state enterprises, anti-trust policies.
    6. Tax policies, liability laws, incubators, research parks.
    7. Role of Foundations and foreign aid donors in biotechnology investment and policies.
To submit a proposal in the form of a maximum of 500 words abstract incorporating agbiotech applications to one or more of the topics on the previous list of topics authors must log in to this site. Log in is allowed only if you are a registred website user. Please register as new website user.
Proposals have to be sent by March 30th, 2008

The Conference steering committee will assess the papers and respond by April 14th , 2008, with accepted papers due May 31st, 2008. The steering committee consists of
Pasquale Lucio Scandizzo, University of Rome “Tor Vergata” (co chair).
Carl E. Pray, Rutgers University (co chair)
Robert Evenson, Yale University
Nicholas Kalaitzandonakes, University of Missouri
Anwar Naseem, McGill University
Peter Phillips, University of Saskatchewan
Terri Raney, FAO
Stuart Smyth, University of Saskatchewan
Herman Waibel, Liebniz University of Hannover
Justus Wesseler, Wageningen University
David Zilberman, University of California, Berkeley

Authors of accepted papers should register as soon as possible following notification. Only authors registered before May 16th 2008 will be included in the program. Registration form can be found on this site following the link 'Conference Registration' after having logged into the website.