The International Consortium on Agricultural Biotechnology Research (ICABR)


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ICABR’s principal objectives are:


To provide opportunities at the international level to exchange views on issues related to agricultural biotechnology research; by



To favor exchanges of views among representatives of the international scientific community, agricultural producers and their organizations, policy-makers, industrialists, international organizations, NGOs, and consumer groups from developing as well as developed countries



To stimulate the analysis of issues related to agricultural biotechnology research, such as


To stimulate awareness and appreciation of the role of agricultural biotechnology research among the general population, in order to decrease fears about the health and environmental implications of new biotechnology and to understand the role of agricultural biotechnology research in the process of economic growth and development


To stimulate the design and creation of national and international institutions to foster and to support agricultural biotechnology research


The promoters of the Consortium include scientists from the following universities and institutions:
Bocconi University of Milan
Cornell University, Ithaca
Iowa State University
North Carolina State University
Serd-INRA, Grenoble
University of California, Berkeley
University of Idaho
University of Naples, Federico II
University of Rome, Tor Vergata
University of Saskatchewan
University of Verona
Rutgers University, NJ
Yale University, New Haven


Contact person:
Vittorio Santaniello
Tor Vergata University, Rome

Ph: ++39 06 7259 5705

Fax: ++39 06 2020500