The International Consortium on Agricultural Biotechnology Research (ICABR)


The Impact of GMO on Consumers' Food Purchasing BehaviorAuthors: Jeun-Sheng Lin and Wen-Chi Huang Affiliations:

Jeun-Sheng Lin,
Dept. Business Administration,
National Pingtung Institute of Commerce

Wen-Chi Huang
, Dept. Agribusiness Management,
National Pingtung University of Science and Technology

Domestically produced genetically modified agricultural products are still in experimental stages that have not been commercially produced in Taiwan. However, GMO content from imported foodstuff are started to generate concerns. Especially for the large amount of imported soybean, wheat, corn, and other cereal product from the United States and exporting countries had drawn concerns that consumers here might have unknowingly consumed a large quantity of GMO food products. Local food manufacturers started to put label on their products and consumer groups started to announce investigate the GMO content of major fast food chains. Not knowing what's really in the label, the executive and legislative branch of the government were push by consumer groups and other stakeholders to work on developing a national standard on GMO food. The time table for the draft version of the labeling regulation should be coming out earlier this year. The purpose of this study is to explore of consumers' perception and acceptance of GMO food product. Specifically, this study intends to study the following situations:

1.To understand the consumers' awareness of GMO products;

2.To understand consumers' acceptance of the GMO products;

3. To examine what attributes of GMO products are desirable for the consumers. 4.To analyze consumers' valuation of the different attributes and explore the relative importance of the attributes for labeling.

Full profile conjoint analysis technique was used in this study to analyze the relative importance of the various attributes of the GMO food products in a survey study. Residents in northern, central, and southern Taiwan were studied.

We hope that results generated from this study could be used for references for the heated debate on what should be on the labeling regulation, and also for the manufactures to develop appropriate strategy for their product development.

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