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The process through which we have been calling for the YICGG2008 Research Competition “Global Governance: Growth and Innovation 2020” is now finally concluded. We are now posting the reading lists already proposed by some of our Faculty and we invite all our Colleagues and Researcher-Students to submit updates or any useful text to the benefit of single Area or for the full plenary of participants. In fact, we believe the series of lectures and the workshop from August 19 to 22 will increase the scientific value and the wide horizon of the already presented papers and ideas. Creativeness is a derivate of many different processes of learning and elaboration, as in our “aims and scope”.

On the base of the experience of the first Edition 2007 at the Fudan University and the dedication of our teams in Rome, Turin and Shanghai, we have succeeded in overcoming the difficulties and now we are ready to proceed also with the e-researching, both through the website at the Fudan University (www.cgg.fudan.edu.cn) and with a new local website at Rome Tor Vergata University (http://www.economia.uniroma2.it/YICGG2008), which will be operative starting the end of this week.


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