Aims and Scope

As the second international Youth Innovation Competition on Global Governance, its slogan “Global Governance: Growth and Innovation 2020” has the following aims:

  • Attend to Global Issues analogizing focused aspects
  • Accelerate Youth and next generations Innovation capabilities
  • Present an Outlook up to the 2020
  • Stimulate Global Civic Awareness
  • Create A Harmonious Society for All Humankind
  • Promote good and fair governance at international level
  • To grow the human capital
  • To shape a better world for the future


Your work is due between May 15 and August 15, 2008. The Research Competition will take place in Rome from August 18 to 26, 2008

There’s no restrictions applied to the designs; it can be a research report, organizational start-up plans, policy advice, or any other beneficial project. All the projects should be innovative and feasible.
The theme of your design can be related to the value, system, policy or any other aspect of global governance. In considering that the topics of this conference should be preferably closely related, the committee suggests the following topic areas as a non-binding guideline:

A. GLOBAL SECURITY (UN reform as condition for a real international governance; regional approach to international affairs, addressing the mediation and solution of armed conflicts, deterring the proliferation of nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction, ensuring the security of the internet and financial system, reform of the United Nations, upgrade the regulatory organizations dealing with international trade, technology and safety standards, banking corporate management, fighting drugs production and diffusion, criminal money laundry, illegal immigration, kidnapping and terrorism)


B. ENVIRONMENT (addressing the sustainable use of resources, issues of population growth, the protection of indigenous specious and biospheres, the transportation of hazardous wastes, protection of the global climate, water management, carbonate emissions, rivers and lakes pollution, innovative weather forecasts and alerting, waste and urban and metropolitan areas garbage treatment, alternative energies development, etc.)


C. INTERNATIONAL ECONOMY (focusing on the new theories of growth, introducing new analyses tools in order to achieve better development patterns, addressing the global financial market in partnership among the main players of the system, polarization in welfare, economic security, fair competition, debt crisis, traffic between states, exchange rate appropriate management, food production and supply, etc )


D. PUBLIC POLICY (welfare policy, international harmonization of trade policies, market oriented structural reforms both in public and private governance, human and civil rights, pension funds provision, healthcare and higher education, lowering inequalities in the income distribution, cultural heritage protection and management, institutional building and constitutional reforms toward openness and human rights protection, etc. )


English is regarded as the working language of this Competition. Please make sure that all the pieces of work and correspondence are in English.
Address YICGG 2008: International Affairs, University of Rome Tor Vergata, Via Orazio Raimondo 18, 00173 Rome