Issues for 2008 2nd edition

To promote youth creativity in the design of global governance, Fudan University, Rome Tor Vergata University, Politecnico of Turin, with the patronage of UNDP and in partnership with other Networks and Centres of international studies will promote and sponsor the Second Youth Innovation Competition in Global Governance, to take place in Rome from August 18 to 26, 2008.

Research Teams main topics and issues
“Global Governance: Growth and Innovation 2020”

1) The United Nations. International governance looking for a new “Glass Palace”
2) Next Generation 2020
3) Growth and Global Governance: new Theories, applied Models and Policies
4) Alternative Energies: countdown beyond Petroleum
5A) Climate Warming, Environment priorities, Water management and international Choices
5B) Disaster forecasting and management in high risk areas
6) Innovation and new Technologies: the crucial contribution from Aerospace and Car manufacturing
7) ICT, nanotechnologies, logistics: further revolution for enterprises and management
8) Regional approach and International Relations: does it matter?
9) Transition process far from conclusion
10) Higher Education, Human Capital and Lifelong Learning: Europe, Asia and America challenge
11) Cultural heritage and Development
12) Wide Europe and Asia as major players in the future global economic and financial growth

Special session for the workshop in Rome, together with a series of lectures on the issues and topics of the World Research Teams, under the supervision of Rome Tor Vergata University:
Europe and Asia, from mythological sisters to real partners

For the basic information of the YICGG 2008 please visit the provisional web link: and

The whole process of the competition will be divided into 3 phases, including Group Design for Innovative Project, Projects Elaboration with a series of lectures and workshops in Rome and Presentation and World Team On-Scene Contest.
The competition will apply a completely new model and rules, far away from summer school kind programs. Creativity and applicability are the main criteria used by the Judgment Commission in voting for the grand prize. We look forward to witnessing the birth of dynamic and ambitious blueprints and projects through this competition. At the same time, it is our firm belief that the competition project will fully demonstrate the insights and wisdom of global youth elites in making our society more prosper