What's YICGG

Youth Innovation Competition in Global Governance-YICGG had been promoted in 2007 by Fudan University (http://www.cgg.fudan.edu.cn, www.economia.uniroma2.it/YICGG2008), sponsored by United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in China and organized by the School of International Relations and Public Affairs (SIRPA) of Fudan University. Since October 2007 and following the Memorandum of Understanding in March 2008, a new partnership has been founded to promote on a regular yearly base the edition 2008 and the future editions until 2011 with two top ranking Italian Institutions, Rome Tor Vergata University and Politecnico of Turin.

For the 2008 edition we have started up the partnership with two prestigious Italian Institutions: Rome Tor Vergata University, School of Economics (http://web.uniroma2.it/index.php?newlang=english) with its CEIS-Centre Economic International Studies and the Politecnico of Turin (http://international.polito.it/en/). Transition World Research Network-CEEUN is cooperating for the diffusion, participation, coordination of the YICGG 2008 program and the selection of a number of Faculty and students among its almost 500 partners in the world (http://www.springer.at/transition_network). It must be mentioned that the new Europe-Asia partnership has been launched in the framework of the Eastern Asia Special Program of the School of Economics of Rome Tor Vergata University and provides agreements and cooperation with a number of universities in China, South Korea, Japan, Viet Nam and Singapore up to now.

The YICGG It is open to university postgraduate and doctoral students from all around the world. Participants to the 2008 2nd Edition in Rome will be postgraduate and doctoral students from the three Universities and from other worldwide universities and research centers willing to participate in the Competition, under the Coordination of the signing partners. All the Faculty and Supervisors and the selected students receiving this confirmed invitation will be granted free accommodation in Rome.

With the deepening of globalization, we reside in a world with more efficient transnational interactions, an increasingly interdependent global market, an accelerating process of regional integration and global cooperation. Meanwhile, many global issues have also emerged as our common concerns. These include global growth and development, international governance of economic, financial, security, multilateral organizations, human capital and higher education, new technologies and innovation specifically in the most advanced industrial sectors as aerospace and car manufacturing, global warming, alternative energy, environmental degradation, cultural heritage management, global poverty and refugees, diseases and infection diffusion, transnational crimes and terrorist threats, food and water production and supply as crucial factors of development, just to indicate some more relevant factors.

Every citizen with in the global society has the responsibility to explore the management of global interdependence and to tackle these challenges. As future leaders and constructors of human society, youth students all around the world should bring our creativity into full play to assume our common responsibilities. That is why Youth Innovation Competition in Global Governance-YICGG wants to become a point of reference for your junior researching and creativeness in analyzing and proposing solutions to the main themes that we propose to you in the 2008 2nd edition of the Research Competition and in the future editions.